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ZUVA African Adventures

Branding and website design for ZUVA African Adventures. A travel and adventure company focusing on providing luxury travel experiences primarily within the African continent.

ELDO Utility App

User experience and user interface design for a utilities mobile app for ELDO Energy.

Heavenly Hive 3D Visualisation

3D visualization for a honey brand, Heavenly Hive. Product shots created for marketing material.

Snackbyte Dog Biscuits

Branding and packaging for SnackBytes, a South-African-based pet treat brand by Nutribyte.

Mellanin | Branding, Packaging & Website Design

Branding and packaging for an Australian-based company focusing on creating a new line of hosiery, designed specifically for women of colour.

Nutribyte Premium Pet Food

Branding and packaging for a South-African-based premium pet food brand, Nutribyte.

Renewable World

A campaign for a recycling company based in Gauteng, South Africa. Created to remind and encourage the community about the importance of recycling.

3D illustrations

An exploration with typography and some random shapes to create somewhat abstract and unique-looking illustrations.

Digital illustrations

A series of digital paintings, some done as part of branding projects and some as fun exercises.

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