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Introducing a premium pet food company into the market. Then transforming into a successful international brand.

Branding and packaging for a South-African-based premium pet food brand, Nutribyte.

March 2020
Nutribyte Feeds Pty (Ltd)

The goal was to design a brand identity and packaging for Nutribyte, a brand new premium pet food company. Naturally it starts with the correct identity. This is important as it will represent the entire brand.

Instead of traditional photography or stock images, beautifully rendered illustrations were created as hero images to further help Nutribyte stand out in a saturated market.

High quality 3D images of the entire line were produced not only to give the client an accurate depiction of what the final products are intended to look like but for advertising material once the marketing kickstarted.

Outdoor advertising elements such as billboards, posters, magazine ads and product brochures were developed for marketing.

One of the key marketing components created was a website that features all information about Nutribyte as a brand.

In about 4 years, Nutribyte has grown significantly and now boasts a total of 16 products in the entire line of premium pet food and pet care products. Nutribyte is also available internationally and rapidly growing and extending to other markets.

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